Corou Story

Corou de Berra is born in 1986. At the beginning, it is a great mixed popular choir revisiting the traditional songs of the Alps of the south. Many user-friendliness, little technique. The artistic director and musical is ensured by Michel Bianco

But Corou transfers. It becomes a vocal ensemble, with the service of a very pointed musical idea. The artistic process is committed. It thus creates a specific musical current which gives rise to tens of other groups or formations, in all the great south. Corou swarmed.
Click to zoom the imageFaithful to its artistic approach of all-out opening, Corou always appears or we do not wait for it: music of the movie Dogora (Patrice Leconte, Etienne Perruchon), with a symphonic and a big choir, first steps polyvocalité / percussions with the extraordinary drummer jazz André Ceccarelli or the percussionist Carlo Rizzo, with the rock guitarist Sebastien Chouard, with the "removed" omposer Gilberto Richiero, with Francis Cabrel, Jan Maria Testa, Michel Montanaro, Michael Lonsdale.... Since 1986, Corou de Berra opens voices
"le Corou de Berra a su créer un style bien a lui, fait de trouvailles musicales, qui en fait l'héritier de musiciens musicologues tels Kodaly ou Ligeti. Ceux ci ont entamés parallèlement à leur carrière de musiciens et de compositeurs des travaux d'ethnomusicologie en Hongrie, redécouvrant des styles de musiques oubliées et enrichissant du même coup leurs compositions. Cette démarche est devenue celle du Corou de Berra…  Léa RASO, 2013