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Le Corou de Berra se produit dans les salles les plus fameuses d'Europe (Victoria Hall à Genève, divers Zénith et Scènes nationales en France, Opéra North à Leeds, Amsterdam roots festival..
" This professional route brings us to sing in sometimes very heavy and binding situations to the technical level (sound and light).
We thus wanted to make some concerts without sound system(dubbing) and without electric lighting. So was born " A CAPPELLA and A Candella ", label " Organic Concert ", show(entertainment) in its nature, without light of scene(stage). Show(entertainment) for maximum hundred people, in a place the good tone of which we know. It will really be without subtleties, in most meadows of what we are "
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Cathedrale de Grasse 2017
More information on A Cappella

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