And for the complete happiness of the public.
The voice(vote) and the gestures(movements) are immediately seized relief in this place, as lit(enlightened) through the bottom, near the altar; the central nave is plunged into the twilight. The voices(votes) are going to irradiate(radiate). In this sacred and popular place the polyphony, the polyphoNice, takes shape and occupies all his(her,its) place(square).
While the technicians repack the material(equipment), on the place(square) of bottom(stocking), in the Church the members of the chorus(choir) go all out, a cappella, in a kind of "Organic" concert.
We get to the point at once, it will be made, said, sung. " Nissa the bella " ring with sharpness(delicacy), in subtlety. The singing(song) transports hills, sky of azure, districts. A lifestyle, simply. And the Former(Old) relive(live again), come to take a seat(to take place) with their enjoyment and this taste of the happiness which makes us capsize

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