A Cappella

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Une promenade entre Pays Niçois, Provence et Piémont. A voix nues  

The Southern Alps are the melting pot where come to merge strong, rooted, alive cultures. Lived from time immemorial, these mountains which come " to have a bath of foot in the sea " are a place of passage and permanent exchange, an earth(ground) of high civilization. The polyphonic singing(song) is one of wealth of these proud, current and authentic heritage(holdings).

Corou de Berra invites in a guided tour of this region. Presentation(display) of a directory in perpetual evolution, as wants him(it) an alive tradition. Music never congealed, interpreted with all the required liveliness, by singers in full ownership of their culture and their art.
Voir le Corou de Berra en concert, filmé en 2015 à Vallarsa, Trentino IT 
"C'est à coup sur meilleur groupe de chant occitan du moment"
Michel Bergue
"Un bijou vocal comme il en existe peu."
In Chorus, Michel Kemper
"Corou de Berra sing with great precision and their dense harmonies approach a cappella… Their voices make a glorious sound."
Michael Hingston, Froots, UK